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About Us

Company: Tone dealings Pvt Ltd was started in 1997 and incorporated in 2009, involved in Manufacturing, Trading and Exporting of a wide range of Indian Incense products. Our prime objective is "To satisfy our customers with best quality products and uninterrupted services". We also strongly ensure that our products are eco-friendly and do not pollute the environment. The strong motto of Humanitarian and environmental Focus.


Vision: Spreading the natural aroma and Creating productive thoughts across the globe with our wide range of our incense products.


Mission: No harm to humanity while using materials for our manufacturing, Strong conscious about the environmental focus that no product ingredient which ruin the environment. Every consumer need to experience and enjoy the ancient taste of real aroma from our products.

Social Responsibility:

In that major quantity is produced through village Women self-help group.Our Company obtain major quantity of Production done by Women Self Help Groups, Driven by our Nonprofit Social Focus. Org carrying out following social cause of Rural Women, family livelyhood and Their Ecomomic Development.


Our Pledge:

Every day before starting the production we are taking the Pledge in Native Language.

“I sincerely pray the people who consuming our product may get productive thoughts, good health and live prosperously. I pledge that every product i make will be with good quality and cleanliness”.



With the knowledge help of DigitAll, We Digitizing our process like Payroll, Supervising, Accounting, Banking, Files Management, Task Management, Branding, Marketing and Customer Relationship.



Inventor of 2 in 1 Cup Sambrani
Having Own and Dedicated Reaserch Lab
23+ Years of Experience
Exporting to 20+ Countries
1st in the state to Optain International BarCode in the Indusry
1st in the state to Optain ISO Certification in the Indusry
Major Production through Women Self Help Groups

Member Of:

Confederation of Indian Industry
Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
DigitAll (Dgital Knowledge Forum)

Top 10 Benifits for our Distribution Partners:

1) Your investment will be safe because its non perishable goods

2) Margin higher than the Industry Average

3) Free Samples to give all the shops for Marketing

4) Free Flyers, Stickers, Danglers for Marketing and Branding

5) Advertisement in your Regional Language and Nearby TV Channels.

6) Exclusive Smart Website for the Distributors

7) Exclusive Business Cards for Your Marketing Purpose

8) Free Digital Marketing and Leads for your Business Growth 

9) More and Upcoming Range of Products to Expand the Business in Upcoming Days 

10) You can be proud of yourself that your a part of highly social conscious organisation.

Our Team.

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A Sampath Kumar



JK Muthu

Managing Director


M Aswin Raj


TDPL Journey
in Short

Welcome to Tone Dealings Pvt Ltd (TDPL), where our journey is a fascinating tapestry woven with passion, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

1990: Humble Beginnings

1997: Transition to FMCG Trading

1999: The Birth of SRIMATHI

2001: Global Ventures Begin

2008: Innovation with Cup Shaped Sambrani Dhoop

2009: Incorporation as Tone Dealings Pvt Ltd

2015: Diversification and Expansion

It all started in 1990 under the name "Tone Musicals." The early years were a foundation-laying phase where we honed our skills and gathered invaluable experiences.

In 1997, drawing from our wealth of experiences, we transitioned into the FMCG trading business and assumed the name "Tone Dealings." This move marked a significant pivot and laid the groundwork for our venture into the aromatic world.

With a deepened understanding of trading and a passion for incense, we birthed our own brand, SRIMATHI, in 1999. This marked the beginning of a journey into crafting fragrances that would soon capture hearts.

In 2001, Tone Dealings took its first steps into the global market, exporting our aromatic creations to Malaysia and subsequently to Sri Lanka. This expansion opened new horizons and marked the start of our international presence.

In 2008, our commitment to innovation led to the creation of a unique product – the Cup Shaped Sambrani Dhoop. This invention added a new dimension to our offerings and set us apart in the industry.

In 2009, a significant milestone was reached as Tone Dealings underwent an upgrade, incorporating as a private limited company — hence, Tone Dealings Pvt Ltd was born.

2015 was a year of diversification. Beyond Sambrani and Agarbattis, we expanded our portfolio, introducing new brands and products in the incense sector. Dhoop Cones and Sticks joined our lineup, broadening our offerings to cater to diverse preferences.

As we reflect on each year's progress, it's clear that each milestone is not just a marker of time but a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The journey continues, and we invite you to be part of the chapters yet to unfold.

Our Core Values are
Quality, Integrity, Dignity, Ethical, Courage, Efficiency, Easy Return Policy, Customer Satisfaction Culture.

Quality: From ingredients and technology to people and premises, we invest only in the highest quality available and we ensure that our use of ingredients is eco-friendly.


Integrity: We strive to be forthright with one another with all our stakeholders, our word is our bond.


Dignity: As we have promised you, we will only deliver the right & quality goods. We always honour our commitments and responsibilities, We have always been loyal and trustworthy to our customers.


Ethical: We are committed to be truthful in all our actions towards our stakeholders and customers.


Courage: Where we can make a positive change, we’re willing to challenge the status quo.


Efficiency: We are ready to distribute incense products made and growing with different types of perfumes


Easy Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with your purchase or the product is damaged, you can return the product and exchange the product with brand new product.


Customer Satisfaction: “Consumer First” is our prime business strategy. Packaging convenience is another key motivator for our consumers to buy our products and sell them at affordable prices.

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