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  • Jillz Dhoop Stick
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Jillz Dhoop Stick

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Product Description


Dhoop Sticks For Quieting Impact:

Invigorating Aroma: Dhoop sticks prompt a much-needed refresher in the homes, they are likewise utilized in numerous workplaces for their waiting fragrances

Capacity: Dhoop sticks are consistently to be put away in cool, dull, dry, non-inflammable territories

Use Method: Always light any dhoop in safe zones, away from combustible things

Established in the convention: Used by ages across numerous nations in South East Asia

Safe fixings, not for use for any reason other than scent drove dhoop lighting

Why This Item

  • Its blessed scents inspire the soul and make a sacred and merry condition.
  • It makes an inviting and profound atmosphere.
  • It is anything but difficult to utilize and has a dependable waiting aroma.
  • It can be utilized in Holy ceremonies (Hawan, Pooja ), for contemplation just as for making a sweet-smelling condition at your home or working environment.


In Hinduism, breathing in the sweet-smelling smoke of incense dhoop sticks is viewed as celestial and favorable. It is accepted that it quells hostility and touchiness, advances consideration and candor, and upgrades fixation. Put resources into these durable dhoop incense sticks that are produced using unadulterated homegrown materials!

Basic Advantages Of Our Non-Charcoal Dhoop Sticks:

✓ Non-Charcoal Dhoop is all right for your wellbeing

✓ Freshen up psyche and body

✓ Lighten up the state of mind

✓ Relieves pressure and tension

✓ Improves rest quality

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