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  • Panchajanya Sambrani Cup_144
  • Panchajanya Sambrani Cup_144
  • Panchajanya Sambrani Cup_144
  • Panchajanya Sambrani Cup_144
  • Panchajanya Sambrani Cup_144

Panchajanya Sambrani Cup

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Panchajanya Sambrani Cups Works offers genuine quality, unadulterated, and trademarked incense. We have kept up raised desires concerning the components of these trademark incense to give a vibe of different experiences and faultlessness to you and your condition.

Advantages Of Sambrani Cups :

This scent incense cup brings the advantages of a customary sanctuary-like aroma


Each dhoop cup has a solid enduring aroma dependent on conventional sanctuary rehearses

100% Natural:

The item is made of charcoal and 100% common pitches in the conventional style of incense making in India

Genuine Temple Fragrance:

This aroma is a blend of Frankincense, Copal, Myrrh, and Guggal saps – it is the customary sanctuary scent of sanctuaries over the antiquated world


Combine the Sambrani Cup with a Diya and Pooja plate to make it the perfect happy blessing

Utilization Of Sambrani Cups:

The Sambrani Cup ought to be put on an un-inflammable stand like steel subsequent to lighting.

Characteristic Sambrani Cups:

Conventional Indian practices have constantly centered around utilizing characteristic bio-degradable materials. This ground-breaking sambrani cup depends on an old formula utilizing characteristic tars and charcoal cups. It brings home positive sentiments like in sanctuaries and supplication zones.


Sambrani Cups are one of the most seasoned old Indian incense rehearses. Light the tip of the cup, permit fire to get, tenderly victory the fire. Spot it on the noninflammable Sambrani Cup stand accessible in the container. It is constantly put in safe, non-provocative territories. It is best-avoided kids

Customary Indian scent:

Customary Indian Temple Fragrance: Enjoy the forces of old merry scent.

Perfect for Gifting: The pack in itself works wonderfully for gifting.

Utilization Method: Light the charcoal outside and spot it on the incense lighting stand.

Modify Scent Force: One incense cup is sufficiently amazing to keep the room smelling lovely for a long.



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